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“Use These ‘PLR’ Private Label Rights Products To Make Money Online”

Selling your own products is a much quicker way to earn money from your internet activities than any affiliate program you may be associated with. All the profits, 100% of your sales go direct to your online payment processor, then in to your bank account. Minus the small transaction fee, around 6% and it can all be set up to run passively, for a hands free income source. But creating your own products can be – Expensive – Time Consuming – A Steep Learning Curve in ‘How to Make Graphics’ – Write Sales Copy – Make Videos – Write Reports and more!

FREE – All The ‘PLR’ Product Packages Come With The Video Series “How To Make Money With PLR” A 12 Part Video Course that Will Show You How – To Use PLR As A Way To Build A List – Create Sales Funnels – Adding Value Bonuses To Make Money As An Affiliate – Using The Content To Drive Traffic – Link Building For SEO And More!

This is where ‘PLR’ comes to the rescue. Everything is done for you – Professional Graphics, Sales Pages, Squeeze Pages, Videos, Ebooks (Free Reports), Articles, Email Swipes to Add to Your Autoresponder – Some even have Software you can sell as your own or WordPress Plugins, which are very lucrative markets. Quite simply your own ‘Online Business In A Box’. All you have to do is to decide how much of the product you want to sell and for how much. As with ALL ‘PLR’ products you have the rights to do what you want with the entire package. Add your name to it as the creator, place your affiliate links in the reports, use the professionaly made squeeze pages to build your list of subscribers which turn to buyers with the email course that comes with these done for you ‘PLR’ packages. Of course by owning these ‘PLR’ products you also get to see the inside workings of how to make money online first hand, with all the video tutorials to learn from. There are many uses for ‘PLR’, such as creating courses, adding to membership sites, using the articles for seo purposes in gaining backlinks, give away the free reports with your links to have those who pass around your ebooks bring you more traffic. The list is endless with ‘PLR’ and all you need to do is copy and paste and edit to make them do what ever suits your needs.

sales_funnelSales Funnel BluePrint: As used by digital marketing top guns across industries, everything you need to know on how to design high converting funnels is distilled into this blueprint. You will witness EPIC results as you DOUBLE… even TRIPLE your profits – all seemingly with no extra effort, no extra customers, and no extra traffic! How to Create Your Sales Funnel in a specific design that will deliver results on EPIC proportions! By epic proportions meaning High Conversions, High EPCs. And if by chance you identify yourself as a newbie, that’s perfectly fine. In fact, that’s the most ideal thing to happen as you can get started on a clean slate…Includes Bonus WordPress Plugin – Funnel Creator!
… And I will show you how to create an online business that is destined for high profits and high scalability!
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epic-launchEpic Launch Formula: Dear Fellow Marketer,
How would you like to make MORE money in a month than what you’re making right now in a year? This might sound unbelievable, but BELIEVE it.
While other methods are popular for people who just want a little extra side income, the big bucks come from product launches. Ordinary folks like you and I who are making an extraordinary income simply by putting a different ‘twist’ on how they sell their digital products. They have learned to create an irresistible offer that cannot be refused and how to gain mass exposure in a short amount of time.
The best part is you can learn their secrets without needing a big wad of cash to get started. It’s low cost, with sky-rocketing profits! Now, before we go into all that, let’s cover some of the benefits… See The Sales Page

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marketing-stompMarketing Stomp: If you take a gander at today’s newspapers, you will come across alarming headlines about the world economy on its brink, businesses getting closed down no thanks to the recession, people getting laid off from their jobs, nations becoming more and more impoverished than ever…

You tell yourself, “I don’t have much time“.

On the other hand, if you tune into the ‘alternative news’ that usually don’t make mainstream headlines – you will come across plenty of stories of Internet rags-to-riches. Like how that guy who used to work as a truck driver is now a stay-at-home dad with millions of dollars in his bank account. Or that lady who was slaving away for her boss now traveling around the world after sending in her resignation letter, which is actually a way of saying “you’re fired!” to her boss.

What about that teenage school drop out who is already a millionaire by the time his friends graduated from uni? While everyone else is going through another reenactment of the great depression, these privy few marketing elites are seemingly living in alternate reality.

  • When every other businesses are DOWNSIZING, these people are UPSIZING their online businesses.
  • When everyone else is saving money for a rainy day, these exclusive few are going vacation after vacation.
  • When everyone else is bogged down by a 9-to-5 full-time job they cannot afford to escape, these few are working… only if they choose to.

Then you wonder, WHAT HAPPENED? See The Sales Page

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jvzoo_funnelsJVZoo Funnel Mastery:

With JVZoo Funnel Mastery, you’ll have access to ten complete videos that show you how to setup, sell, deliver, and profit as a JVZoo product seller.
The videos are split up into bite sized chunks… short and straight to the point, with actionable steps to get you started quickly within the next few hours!
Simply follow along and you’ll have your first JVZoo product up and running in no time…See The Sales Page

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