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A Lead Magnet.
The first thing you must have in place to start your list building efforts is a lead magnet.
If you are starting out with building a list, then you will want to make sure you have something to entice people to join your email list and give you their personal information like their email address.
Back in the early days of list building and marketing online you could simply say “Join My Newsletter”, and people would be happy to do it. Nowadays though people are not as open to just share their email, and even their best email address with you.
So, you must give them a good reason to opt-in to learn more from you.
Here are 5 examples of really-good lead magnets you can create to give away.
Remember, the more exciting your offer sounds, the more people will gladly give up their email addresses to receive it.

1. Top Tips PDF Report
This can be a list of tips that will help people solve a problem that they are seeking a solution to. For example, if you are a tax accountant offering tax services, then you could write a report called: “The Top 8 Tax Savings Every Small Business Owner Needs To Know About”.
If you were a small business looking for help with taxes, then you can believe that would capture your attention, and get you to give up your email address!
In this report, you can share the top 8 tax savings tips, and even do a paragraph or page at the beginning and end that sends people to your website for more information.
If you are an affiliate marketer with content sites selling people on mattresses, then you could do a report called: “How To Find The Perfect Mattress For You”. Then you create a short 3 to 5 page report explaining your tips for finding the perfect mattress.
To give you one more example let’s say you sell pet products on an ecommerce store you could create a report that says “6 Pet Products Every Dog Owner Can’t Live Without!”
That would be attractive on your site, and would generate those email subscribers that you can then follow up with later when you have sales on your store, and inside the report you can could of course recommend 6 products from your store with direct links.
Another example for this type of lead magnet is found here in this article, I could simply take the 5 lead magnets I am recommending right now, and do a free report called:

“5 Highly Effective Lead Magnets”.
If you are stuck for ideas that your market wants look at Q&A sites like;
Answers.Yahoo or Quora. You can also do a search for your niche keyword phrase like “pet products”, “small business taxes”, or
“mattresses” into YouTube or Google and look at the ‘Suggested Search Phrases’ that come up.
Browse forums in your market, or even look at top selling books within your niche on Amazon. Just think creatively and start writing. It is conceivable to write your entire lead magnet in just a few hours from start to finish.

2. E-Coaching Lessons
Another popular giveaway method is to offer e-coaching or email training! This is a great strategy to get people in the habit of opening your emails consistently.
So instead of offering your giveaway in the form of a single PDF or a video like the previous lead magnet ideas, you could offer a series of 5 to 10 emails that deliver the content daily, every other day, or weekly!
Another benefit to this strategy is that it means you can launch your list building efforts with only needing the first email! Then of course add the others, and once your e-coaching lessons are all wrapped up you don’t have to do it again unless you decide to update them.
All these can be delivered automatically through your autoresponder which you can read about further down.
Again, just find hot topics to create content around, and use that for your list magnet! The key is finding content your audience really wants to know and making it easy for them to go through it all.

3. Exclusive Interview
Interviewing an expert in your industry is another unique way to quickly create a lead magnet. This means researching to find a popular author, speaker, blogger, radio show host, or other expert in your marketplace to do a 15 to 30 minute interview with you that you record electronically.
Simply come up with the top questions to ask, and join each other on Skype or Google Hangouts!
Then you deliver the interview as an audio file to your audience after they opt-in for your email list.
It may sound a hard thing to do to contact these people but remember they to are looking for as much exposure for their shows or products.

4. Special Webinar Event
Hosting a live webinar in your market is a great way to start building a list, and once your webinar is done you can use it as an ongoing lead magnet.
You simply choose a date for your special webinar event and drive traffic to your registration page. You can use Google Hangouts (free) or GoToWebinar to host the webinar.
Webinars also double as a powerful sales tool as you can sell your products or services easily at the end of them.
Just like with the other lead magnets your key is to choose a topic that you know your audience wants more details on.

5. Exclusive Discount or Coupon Code
This is probably the easiest to create a lead magnet by far. You can create a unique coupon code that you can offer people that optin to your email list.
It is a great solution because it solves two problems.
1) What are you going to giveaway?
2) Gives your customers an immediate reason to buy from you.
The simplest way is to create a generic coupon code and offer it to your customers to download, or give them access to a special discount page to access your products in the future.

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