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EZ Links Anywhere – Cloak Affiliate Links – Add Your Links to Ebooks – Emails – Forums – Classified Ad Sites – Blog Comments – Anywhere You Can Place A Link & Change AnyTime.

If you dabble in affiliate marketing, then you’ll know the frustration when that affiliate program you have been promoting – Disappears and the Link is No Longer Valid. It’s too late to change the link in your Free Reports (PDF Files) that are now floating around the internet or on peoples computers.
It’s not like you can recall them and re-edit the ebook then send it out again (And even that’s asking too much, even if you could)!
It’s the same problem with your Autoresponders Messages! You have to go through all of them and change the link!
So what do you do when an affiliate link stops working?
That my friend is no longer a problem with EZ Links Anywhere.
With EZ Links Anywhere all you have to do is change the links destination in your wordpress dashboard and the ‘New’ link will redirect any of those links to the ‘New’ link destination – Where ever you have placed it. On a Blog – In a Forum – On A Classified Site – In An Ebook (PDF File) Even Your Email Series is now safe from having to edit and change everything. Just change the ONE LINKs Destination and They All Change – Immediately.
EZ Links Anywhere will firstly cloak your affiliate link making it more acceptable for SEO on your blog, adding the link in a Forum (Most Forums DON’T Accept Affiliate Links as Signatures) The same can be said for Classified Advertising Sites. They don’t want their nice clean sites cluttered with your affiliate links. Now you can add a clean link such as – and that’s it.

Using EZ Links Anywhere Plugin – As you can see below the ‘Name Your Link’ on the left hand side is the URL of my Site – – The plugin picks up your site URL and adds it there automatically for you. All you have to do now is add the ‘Name’ for how you want it to look to visitors who click that link. Most people just use the word ‘recommends’ as this is oblique and can pertain to any link. However the choice is yours. Do remember whatever you call the link be sure to use the same word, if it has capital letters or not will matter. So in the top link to direct visitors to – The URL will be with no trailing slash.
Once you have chosen the ‘Name’ add the destination URL – The Affiliate Link. Click Save Links and You’re Done.
No having to add =? or /go/ or any other paremeters to your link as you do with other Affiliate Link Cloakers.
ADD as many URL Links as You Like – Just add the new link, click save and a new box will appear below when you are ready to add a new link.

EZ Links Anywhere – Features:
Cloak Any Affiliate Link – Simple

Add Anywhere You Can Place A Link – Cloaking Your Affiliate Links Has Been Proven To Boost The Click Through By As Much As 200% – So Adding Your ‘New’ Clean Link To;

Blog Posts – EBooks – Autoresponder Email Series – Forums – Classified Ad Sites – Your Own Blog for SEO – Ad Sites – Can Add More Money To Your Efforts!

Change The Affiliate Link Anytime You Want – The Affiliate program No Longer Exists – The Affiliate program Is No Longer Effective (Bringing In Any Money) It Doesn’t Matter IF The Link Is In An Ebook On Someones Computer OR Already Distributed Online To Document Sharing Sites.

Use As A 301 Redirect for Your Own Blogs Posts/Pages When They Become Obselete.

EZ Links Anywhere – Simple But Effective Affiliate Link Cloaking & Links Changer WordPress Plugin.

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