How To Use An Autoresponder

Setting Up An Autoresponder Account
The online tool you need for building an email list is an autoresponder. This will act as your database for storing your email addresses, to help automate your list building, give you the necessary opt-in forms needed to grow your list, and allow you to gain new email subscribers.

First Steps
No matter which autoresponder service you choose, the basics for creating your lists are the same. You will need to create a Mailing List then a Campaign. The mailing list acts as your storage for the opt-in-forms and your subscribers that are added to that particular email list (You can have as many email lists as you like with some services – with Mercury Pro Autoresponder you can have Unlimited Lists & Campaigns). You will next need to add a campaign then connect it to a particular list. Campaigns are where you add your email messages and where you will get open rate statistics. These document file from our knowledge base will give you a picture view idea of how this setup works Setting Up A ListSetting Up A Campaign.

Your Follow Up Emails
Once you have got your Autoresponder set up and created your first campaign, you will just need to add your sequential emails for your subscribers.
This lesson is simple, but extremely powerful for you. It is also enormously beneficial to your bottom-line. Now I know you are anxious to start getting email subscribers, but you have just two more quick things to accomplish to make sure you maximize out revenue from your list building efforts.
In this step, you are setting up follow up emails, and then adding them up inside of your autoresponder. I would recommend you come up with a sequence of 5 relatively short emails that introduce people to who you are and what types of information they can expect to receive from you in their inbox.
The follow up emails serve multiple purposes including getting your email subscribers in the habit of opening your emails, it also lets them get to know, like and trust you, which in time allows you to sell them automatically on your own products or affiliate products.
The best part is that once you have setup your follow up sequence it can be generating you autopilot cash for years. That means each new email subscriber will start at the beginning of the follow up sequence. You can have 5 follow up emails in your autoresponder or 365 one for each day of the year. It is totally and completely up to you here.
Just keep in mind when you set it up once it becomes hands-free money, unless tweaking to add or subtract offers that work for you, you should never need to go back to it.

TIP: Write your emails in a friendly manner and not as a blatant sales pitch. Try to come across as their friend who is trying to help them see the benefits of why they should purchase, either your product or the affiliate program you are promoting. This is the beauty of the Autoresponder that it is your sales rep and ‘says’ whatever it is you add to it, make it as a pre-sell pitch and you will make more money this way.
So, let’s begin to write 3 to 5 email follow up messages for this step. The first email should cover who you are, what they can expect to learn from you and your company, what kind of emails you will provide for them, and let them know how often they should hear from you. If it is daily or weekly, let them know that.
Don’t forget to add your link to the ‘freebie’ you promised them.
After your introduction email, we can create further emails that deliver value to your subscribers like links to articles or blog posts created by you. In the third through fifth emails you can promote one of your products or a related affiliate product.
This means you find a relevant product related to your market, grab the affiliate link for that product, and pre-sell this product to your list. You will be surprised how overtime as you build your list how many people will come across this automatic follow up email, and click the link and buy direct from you.
After you write your emails it is time to insert them into the autoresponder sequence of the autoresponder and you can move on to the next stage.

TIP: Make Your Subject Line Something That Stands Out and Makes The Reader Think; Such as this subject line that had a great response from the openings through to the sign ups for the program I was promoting – “Don’t Want To Work For MacDonalds?” I still use it today and it works and is okay to be ‘controversial’.

Setting Up Your Squeeze Page or Landing Page
The squeeze page is also known as the landing page. The idea behind the squeeze page is that you give people two main options. The first option is to give up their email address in exchange for your lead magnet, and the second option is to leave the page.
To make sure your offer converts the best way it can, you want to keep your squeeze page looking as simple as possible. The reason they call it a squeeze page is because we want to “squeeze” information out of those that visited the page.
The main elements you want on a squeeze page is an attention-grabbing headline. Your headline should pull people in with a strong sales benefit of what they will receive from your lead magnet.
For example; if you are doing a lead magnet on “The Top 8 Tax Savings Every Small Business Owner Needs”, then you would have a headline that could sound like this:
“Discover The Top 8 Tax Savings Every Small Business Needs To Know!”
This would surely draw them in because it peaks their curiosity. You can apply this for any lead magnet in any niche market as well. That’s the beauty of it.
So focus on a good headline, and a simple sub-headline. In the sub-headline, which appears below the headline you could say: “And Have The Taxman Pay You!”
A good graphic of a 3d image of the report should be highly visible with the title prominent and bolded to attract attention, as although they will never receive a ‘proper’ book the image is suggestive that it is a ‘real’ entity they will be getting.
Next you will want to add 3 to 5 Benefits of what they will receive when they get the report (or software if that’s what you are offering) These should be concise one liners.
Then there is your autoresponder form to add which should just be as simple as copying and pasting the html form code in to your squeeze page and you are set to go.
The next most important task is to provide a link to the squeeze page on all the pages that you control online. This includes your blog, website, email signature, YouTube Channel, Twitter Profile, Instagram Profile, Pintrest Profile, LinkedIn Profile, Facebook Profile, Facebook Page, WeChat profile, resource box for articles you may have written and published online already.
The point is you want to get your squeeze page link out all over the web so you have as many people as possible going to this page. You can honestly run an entire six figure per year online business with just a simple squeeze page like this. So take this serious and get this page out there.
You want to get as many subscribers as you possibly can. Spend a little extra time today making sure all your bases are covered, and that this squeeze page can be found all over your social media profiles. It will greatly help you with the steps to come.
Having followed the above steps and added your ‘freebie’ to your download page where your new subscribers can access it you have now automated 90% of your new online business. The other 10% is to promote your squeeze page wherever you can place a link that is relevant to what you are selling or promoting.

The Autoresponder will continue to send out your email series and direct your subscribers to any of the promotional products or services you are involved with.
In time you can expand to having more than one list to make money in various niches, this helps spread your paydays. It’s a bad idea to rely on one email list as you should be careful not to bombard them with too many offers and trying to squeeze money out of them regularly, as this could be a major reason for people unsubscribing.

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