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Did you know that one of the most lucrative ways to make money online is to “Give Away” Free Reports?

Yes It’s True! Amazon became what it is today by initially being a platform that sold eBooks. Now with ePub – Kindle Reader – Adobe Acrobat and other software that displays PDF Files, eBooks are still big business.
Today Amazon is best known for its ‘Shopping Portal’ but eBooks are still one of its best selling attributes, with authors making a comfortable living from the sales of their books. But you don’t have to sell ebooks to make money from them. Giving away ‘Free Information’ reports is also the norm online. You’ll have seen them on most websites – Download this Free Report that will teach/show you xyz.
Most will contain links to the products or services they are offering from an online company but the majority will be from ‘Affiliates’. The links then contained in these reports will allow the affiliate to earn some money when someone purchases through the link they’ve placed inside these reports.
So what’s different about a free report with affiliate links to say just promoting an affiliate link anywhere and everywhere online?
Firstly it’s not so easy to promote an affiliate link, most online platforms from FaceBook to Instagram (FaceBook in disguise) Tumblr, Twitter, Reddit and just about any online forums just don’t allow affiliate links. So why not place a link that points to your free report that contains those affiliate links instead.
Secondly most consumers these days have become savvy enough to do a bit of research in the hunt for a bargain. This is where an ebook really shines, when someone downloads that ebook, they are showing intent on learning more about the product or service and now they have a ready reference to click that link if it is what they were looking for. A link they found earlier on some web page is long forgotten!

So how do you go about writing an informative report that gets downloaded and where can you find a free online 3D eBook cover software? – The Answer is this Free Report of course (No Email Required).

A Writers Guide To Profiting From Free Reports

Go from ‘Novice’ to ‘Expert’ and see how you can make money from almost all types of ebooks you can create.
Chapter One – eBooks The Basics
Learn the different types of ebooks that are available to create.
Chapter Two – Five Topics That Never Go Out Of Date
Want to know what kind of ebooks people are willing to pay big money for? This chapter will guide you through what people want.
Chapter Three – Coming Up With Ideas For A Book
Now you know what people want – What sort of book are you going to create? 25 Tips on how to write an ebook that will entice any audience.
Chapter Four – Promotion or Profit
There are only two reasons why an ebook sees the light of day. Those that contain information and those that are for the Fiction Fans. But how do you know how to profit from either?
Chapter Five – Using Out Of Date Publications For Profit
There is a world of books that lose their copyrights, almost every single day. So with that in mind, if you can find the one copy that can make you a fortune, without writing a single word and no royalties to pay, you’ve hit Pay-Dirt. These are known as Public Domain Texts. Do you know your rights and how to use them for profit?
Chapter Six – Making Money With PLR Articles
Still not in the mood for writing? Then use PLR articles, copy and paste already written material in to a PDF compiler and produce free reports (PDF Files). Most PLR deals with todays modern ailments and can save you a ton of time in doing research.
Chapter Seven – The Blue-Print Of Digital Selling
The ‘Oldest’ & Most Trusted Way to Sell Online. Discover how easy it really is to set up an online selling machine that sells your digital ebooks all day long. (Or any other digital product that can be downloaded) – Also promotion tactics you can use to get your book moving, where to submit your ebooks to for maximum effect and more visitors.
Chapter Eight – Selling On Amazon
As already mentioned, Amazon is ‘THE SELLING’ platform when it comes to selling ebooks. With images and simple instructions, make this powerhouse work for you.

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A Writers Guide To Profiting From Free Reports

To create professional PDF Files, eBooks, then I have this offer for you. Your name and email equals this free ebook compiler software. Copy and paste documents, other PDFs, word files, Text directly in to the software, add your links, click save as PDF and you’re done.
But it is much more than that – Add Images – Headers & Footers – Graphs – Line Breaks – Numbered pages, choose fonts, colours for fonts and background, saves documents so you can edit them later, output as PDF (Locked – No one can copy your ebook), as a word document, text, backup and restore capabilities. A professional eBook Compiler Software – Completely Free!

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