Online Income

How To Quickly Create An Email List Of Subscribers

email_moneyList Building is the easiest way to make an income online. Once setup it takes no more effort on your part and can be done in a day. The requirements to build a list of subscribers is no more than a form to capture that email address and an autoresponder to send out a series of well informed messages with links to either an affiliate program you are promoting or your own products or services and make sales.
And whilst this is as simple as it gets, most people fail because of bad information, it’s to hard to setup or have a fear of how the process works. Some people (Marketers) will describe it as an art form that only a select few ‘Know’ how to do, when in reality, it is just a Time Proven Set of Methods that anyone can do to profit from.
Here at RapidListBuilder, we are so passionate about list building and the use of the best online tool ever created – The Autoresponder. We built our own, Mercury Pro – A WordPress plugin to rival any online email marketing service – But With One Difference – Pay Once & Never Pay The More Subscribers You Gain Or The More Emails You Send. Why be penalised for being good at something – Right?

You can try Mercury Pro Autoresponder – Plus get a Free List Building Kit when you sign up for our List Building Course.


How To Create A Sales Funnel

list_marketing ‘Sales Funnels’ are all the rage at the moment, for the simple fact that they WORK! Once you have mastered the use of an autoresponder to build lists the next step is to create a sales funnel. A sales funnel is nothing more than a series of steps, a ‘Journey’ if you like, that your customers go on through a well defined set of sales pages that can present your offers, whatever your customer decides to ‘Answer’ during that journey. For example you may offer a product at a certain price at the beginning of that journey, only for your customer to decline. No problem the ‘Funnel’ will offer them the same product but at a more reduced price, also known as a downsell. They don’t buy? Okay, perhaps it wasn’t what they were looking for, so the ‘Funnel’ will now offer them something different to that offer (a new offer) but similar to what they signed up for (always keep your sales pattern, your offers, similar to the reason they signed up to your lists in the first place for) and a sale is made. This second chance offer can also be used ‘Even’ if they buy at the reduced offer as part of an ‘Upsell’ or ‘Upgrade’.

This may sound complicated and perhaps a reason why most people don’t make their own sales funnels. However this is not the case with many tutorials available to help you. But why not go that little bit further and learn to create your own sales funnels and sell that same self material that taught you to make sales funnels? After all having your own products to sell via your own autoresponder is the quickest way to make money online direct to your bank account the same day, without having to wait for net 15 or 30 days for payment. For your own online business in a box try these products – Private Label Rights