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emailEmail List Building is considered the foremost marketing tactic anyone could and should be doing to earn a living from their online business.
Email Marketing or List Building for your online business has been proven to be the least expensive and yet yield the highest ROI (Return On Investment) than any other form of marketing available today. Capturing your visitors email and turning them in to your long term audience can reap many benefits. When a product or service you are affiliated with has a sale, you have immediate traffic to send them to that offer and they’ll thank you for it and of course you’ll make immediate profits from day one of your email campaign. But first you need to build a list!

list_build_settingsRapid List Builder has been developed to engage with your websites visitors, to ‘Hook’ them on first visit. One of the most difficult aspects of visitor retention is to have your audience click and look around your blog. Rapid List Builder offers the visitor the option to ‘Click’ through to a well placed video, also highly proven as a reason why people subscribe. They are then more disposed to sign up to your optin page.
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You have full control over all the settings, such as background colour, image, choice of font styles and font colour. SEO for the pages with a Meta-Content area, choice of different button colours and styles. For more features check this page – Rapid List Builder Features

postbox_mailEverything you place on your wordpress blog should have an aim, a way of directing your visitor to a goal, and the best goal you can have is to gain their email to then start marketing your messages to them on a regular basis. Rapid List Builder uses the psychology of motivation by getting your visitor to click, watch a video of the product or service you are promoting and then offers them the option to sign up to discover more. Once they are on your mailing list they then begin to receive your marketing messages. It can take several messages to ‘convince’ someone to buy.
This is why most put an emphasis of growing an email list. No matter how good a sales page or informational blog you have – if you’re not building an email list of subscribers – then your potential customers are lost in the ethernet of cyberspace along with the likelihood of any sale.

informationHaving the right tools in place will help you buld an optin list and a large one at that but you also need to know how to make the most from that new audience. Included to help you create profitable email lists – 26 Video tutorials that will walk you through your list building efforts.
What is a Lead Magnet to How to create a lead magnet to initially get your visitor in to your autoresponder. Buyer Funnel Traffic videos will teach you how to make the most from those subscribers and the Email Marketing for Profit videos will show you how to formulate your email messages for maximum impact and the most profit.

So start list building today – You Are Only Behind – If – You Haven’t Started Yet! Rapid List Builder for Quick List Building.